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Here is round 2 of the hairstyle challenge! This time I'm focusing on girl groups. It shouldn't be too hard if you're a fan.

Try to list them out WITHOUT googling!

Good luck!
If you missed round 1, you can see the card here.
For answers: swipe the image to the right.
I only know 3, 4, & 6!!! This one is hard >.<
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lol I only know 4!! QUEEN CL!
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@kpopandkimchi @blackjackvipxD Thanks for commenting. :) I should probably tag people next time. I'm really bad at this. Anyways, **ANSWERS ARE UPDATE** Check and see if you guess anyone them correct.
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@HairConfetti lol honestly that would somewhat mean alot to me since I only been here for a minute or two if you know what I mean.... haha
2 years ago·Reply
dang i was only able to guess Yoona and Krystal...good one
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