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There are so many meals for the trail where you just need to add water, but I thought I'd list up a few of my favorites. Let me know yours, too.

1. Couscous!

Couscous is great because you don't even have to boil your water if you dont' want to. It'll absorb it anyways!!! You could also use quinoa, but I am partial to couscous for hiking purposes!
I love couscous so much that I've already written about it, too....so just check that out.

2. Oatmeal!

You're not going to want this for every meal, especially if you're on a multi day trip and need more protein, but oatmeal is a great breakfast during multi day trips or dinner if you're just doing a quick one nighter!
While you can just pack the instant packs, I much prefer to make my own oatmeal poaches. Learn about everything you should put in one here!

3. Anything Soupy, or, Any Soupy Mixes!

If you don't mind carrying the weight, try freezedrying and then vacuum sealing your meals! All you'll need to do is boil it, and you'll need less water than when you rehydrate something!
Learn how to freezed ry soups and mix packets like pictured into individual meals here :)

4. Dehydrated Beans!

A pretty good store bought thing I found a while back was Santa Fe brand dehydrated beans. Just add water and presto....beans!
If you're feeling even more adventurous and don't mind a few extra steps, try tossing in some dehydrated chili and onions while warming it up, wrap in all in a tortilla. Light weight and tasty. Trail burritos!!
There's so many more I'm just gonna stop here for now. There's some more great make your own instant meals here, and I'll make some more posts about this later....see ya on the trail!
@cindystran unhealthy or not, ramen is THE BEST on the triail! I just figure most hikers already use it so i forgot to add it haha
Couscous are my favorite! I would like to add ramen to this but it's unhealthy. Haha
Can be very useful
Great card! The only trouble with couscous is that it takes a long time to cook. I've had trouble using it in the past when I'm working with limited propane and have to use a whole lot of it to actually cook the stuff.