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I'm not over Jurassic World yet. I saw it in theater, watched all the parody I can find on the web, and kept refreshing Amazon's page to see when they are releasing the instant video version. In fact, I'm considering to purchase a DVD set. Perhaps it was overhyped but I enjoyed the film. Some people did not find it likable because it seem unrealistic but maybe that was why I find it amusing.
Not a fan of Jurassic World and think it's nonsense? You might like these parody. They keep it real. Well, except for the last one. :)
A trailer parody on one of the most famous raptor scene.
Then there's an alternative ending.
Looks like everyone can't get over the fact, Claire wore high heels throughout the film. Here's a parody based on Claire's shoes.
They even put heels on the amber mosquito!!!
@danidee lol. And the way he walks in them is too funny.
Jeff Goldblum in red knee-high boots is seriously something that's going to be hard to get out of my head lol.
Haha this was GOLD!
These are all HILARIOUS