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Mastermind behind fashion blog Gary Pepper, the fashion consultant, model, and brand ambassador Nicole Warne has come a long way from running a vintage clothing shop on EBay. The Australia-born import in Italy dresses more like a poised Parisian, but draws style influence from all over the globe. We want to look like her, we want to dress like her, and now we (sort of) can!
Graphic stripes.
Warne takes something as simple as stripes and makes optical illusions, chopping up an outfit and her body in an eye-catching way. She plays with wide stripes to add some fun to a simple and polished look, staying chic but adding interest to any outfit. She treats them like a neutral that go with any and every color.
Matching tops and bottoms.
Warne loves the matching co-ord trend, and she wears it so well, we don't blame her. From matching high-waisted skirts and cropped tops to matching pants and blouses, the co-ord trend looks fashion-forward and put-together on Warne.
Arresting in Apricot.
Warne loves all pastels, and chooses apricot as a color staple that she knows looks beautiful with her skintone. The delicately feminine tone works well on ladylike shapes that fit her body like a glove.
Pencil skirts + crop tops.
Covering and revealing skin is a balancing act that Warne has mastered, and she often goes for the unexpected combination of a modest pencil skirt with a little crop top. This sexy and sweet look ranges from a full bodycon outfit to a demure and ladylike look with a sultry slip of skin.
Even if you weren't born in Australia, aren't half-Japanese, don't now live in Italy or travel the globe, you can still get Nicole Warne's look.