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It was perfect.

There were plenty of jokes, a couple of tears and most importantly, a celebration of the incredible impact Jon Stewart has made in the past 16 years. It was everything I asked for and more (besides Donald Trump, but I guess he was a little busy embarrassing himself at the Republican debate).
The whole episode was an emotional roller coaster, but a few moments stand out as perfectly representative of the show Jon and his team have created.

When all Jon's correspondents, supporters, enemies and Elmo (?) return to say goodbye.

Special shout out to John McCain for having a sense of humor and making a Jon Stewart puppet.

When Trevor Noah comes out to take desk measurements.

"What's a commercial?!" John Oliver pops out and mocks Jon for still working at a basic cable show.

Obviously Colbert returns and hits us right in the feels: "All of us who were lucky enough to work with you for 16 years are better at our jobs."

When all the correspondents come out on stage and have a massive group hug.

"Bullshit is everywhere."

One final Jon Stewart rant. He encourages his audience to continue the conversation and call out the bullshit. We won't let you down, Jon.

"The best defense against bullshit is vigilance."

And here it is, Jon's final moment of zen.

Everyone dances as Bruce Springsteen serenades them with Born to Run.

Goodnight Jon. Thank you.

Also I reaaaally really hope people are able to look past Trevor Noah's past transgressions and let him be a successful host.
Trever Noah was great. Loved the cameo. And I thought outside of Colbert's tribute, the best moment of the show was the montage with McCain, Wolf Blitzer, etc... it was so awesome.
@jeff4122 @JordanNash yeah Colbert's tribute stood out to me as well, and I knew that would be when the first set of Jon tears came, but I still wasn't prepared. @danidee I think it should be on Comedy Central! And same here, I think it's going to be a really tough job because there's no way everyone won't try to compare him to Jon Stewart. It's inevitable but also doesn't really give him a chance to make the show his own.
That part with Stephen Colbert hit really deep. What a great man and a great show. It will be so sad to see him go, but I'm excited to see what Trevor will bring to the show.
SO MANY FEELINGS. I'm going to have to see if Comedy Central has this whole episode. I missed it, and I want to be able to see all the cameos!