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No one does style quite like the Danes. The super blonde and tan locals proved their fashion chops while tons of imports from the fashion industry flooded the scene with their own dazzling ensembles, in spite of the heat.
If they can suck up the heat and go for a long-sleeved maxi dress, so can you. One girl goes mod, the other goes bohemian, two emerging trends for the fall.
This look is a daring just because of the power of her statement blouse. That white Rodebjer top is to die for, and so perfect for going from the summer to the fall.
European polish meets a touch of the seventies. How many blonde lobs do you think graced the streets of Copenhagen this week?
Athleisure comes to Copenhagen, in the sleekest way possible. Wearing sleek and sporty black and white is one way to insure that super-long locks don't look fussy.
This girl wins style points for boldly mixing shades of red, and pulling it off without a care in the world. When in doubt, wear sporty shoes to give that enviable "I don't care" vibe.
This girl gives us a hint how we can carry the co-ord trend into fall with warmer clothes. Where does the top end and the pants begin? It's the magic of stripes.
Now we know that if we outgrow our overalls, we can always cut them into cropped tops and pray we look as good as this lady.
I don't know how she isn't overheating, but she's providing major fall style inspiration. The oversize chain looks anything but garish with her slouchy wide-leg pants, as if she doesn't even care about how efforless she looks.