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It's no secret that Gigi Hadid is taking over the world, one runway at a time. The secret to her killer walk was kept hush until now. W Magazine recently released a video in which Gigi talks about how she learned to walk for the runway.
Here is the full video for you to watch.
In case you missed it, that video is full of sarcasm. A lot of people said she seemed stuck-up or conceited. News flash: she is being sarcastic because the modeling world is full of people who are stuck-up and conceited. In my opinion, her sarcasm and her ability to not take herself too seriously is a breath of fresh air in the modeling and fashion industry.
Way to go Gigi for continuing to keep us laughing and reminding us that at the end of the day, it's just a walk.
My favorite quote from the video:
"It's always left foot in front of right foot. If you go right in front of left, everyone is going to know. It's embarrassing. It's like social suicide."

Remember, left foot in front of right.