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Ah yes, the decade of plaid shirts, high ponytails and leg warmers. Who doesn't like reliving all of that?? Thanks to Netflix, it's easier than ever to travel back to the '90s with TV! The shows we loved as kids may be gone, but Netflix will not allow them to be forgotten. Good thing!
Here are five of the best '90s shows that you can stream on Netflix right now! Just because they're outdated, doesn't mean they're not great!

Dawson's Creek

The quintessential growing up story, Dawson's Creek follows the high school and college years of four friends. All the teen love and drama you could ever want in a show! Fans of One Tree Hill, Friday Night Lights or The OC should throw it back with a little Dawson's Creek.

Saved By The Bell

My very first sitcom! It has the prankster, the all-American girl, the jock...all the elements of a classic high school show. Fans of teen dramas like Glee and 90210 can get their fix with Saved By The Bell as long as you're prepared lots of spandex and light-wash jeans.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

A growing up story, but with a twist - Buffy is one of a couple women chosen to defend the world from evil. As sci-fi as it sounds, it's more a story of relationships and female empowerment! Veronica Mars fans should give Buffy a try.

That '70s Show

A story of friendship and love for the hipster crowd. A personal favorite of mine because it gave me, a young '90s girl, some insight into a different (and cooler) decade. Comedy fans who like the humor in Friends or Scrubs should throw it allllllll the way back to the '70s with That '70s Show.

Freaks and Geeks

The ultimate example of a show that was cancelled wayyyyyyy too soon. Freaks and Geeks perfectly describes the social struggle that is trying to fit in throughout high school. Maybe you're a freak, maybe you're a geek, either way Freaks and Geeks will resonate with you. Fans of comedies like Party Down and The Inbetweeners should try the first (and only) season of Freaks and Geeks.
yeah, that show was amazing!
Hahah @jordanhamilton maybe a little bit, yeah! I do totally miss that show now that you mention it
checking it out this weekend! thanks for the recommendation. if it's anything like Sabrina The Teenage Witch I'm all for it lol
Yeah @jordanhamilton definitely check it out!! It's a little different than the others on the list, but at its core, it's just another awesome teen drama :)
amazing list!!! I'm def here for dawson's and saved by the bell, always wanted to get into buffy. I think I will check it out :)
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