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There seems to be a certain social misconception that women owe the world something; a smile, and tone of voice, and explanation. Well, sorry to burst your bubble but women don't owe you shit and I think its about time people realized and respected that.
Lets end this misconception now; just because we don't act the way you want us to does not make us a Bitch. Little Pro tip, we are not yours to control.

"But I Have A Boyfriend"

Being hit on at a bar is unavoidable and is usually not a big deal. But it is completely ridiculous that simply stating that you aren't interested isn't good enough. Why is it that only after saying "I have a boyfriend", can women be left alone? Im sorry, are we not allowed to be single and find someone unattractive, aggressive, not our type, or just not looking to talk to a stranger?
I will not make up a fake boyfriend to get you off my case.
We don't owe you any excuse.

"But its the third date"

What the actual hell is up with this third date means sex rule? It makes absolutely no sense and even the very logic behind it is repulsive. Let me break it down to you, maybe you spent no more then $200 on food for the both of us, or on I-max tickets and ice cream, but do you really think some pasta and a movie grants you the right to demand my body? Yeah didn't think so.
Having sex with someone is a privilege, not something you can buy with gifts, food, or movies. Please grow up and get over yourself.
We do not owe you our bodies.


Just no. Having a vagina does not mean that we have to smile at all times, especially during rude, aggressive and invasive cat calling and sexual harassment. Women are not dolls, forced to always smile and look perfect. We are human beings who deserve the exact same respect our male counterparts get.
Answer me this; have you ever walked down the street and seen someone yelling to a male stranger to smile because he would look so much better? Didn't think so.
We don't owe you our emotions.


Women are people and even if we are strangers, new acquaintances, or in relationships we do not owe you anything that you do not deserve.
We do not owe you control over us, so stop demanding it.
This is EXACTLY what I teach my daughter!
omg yes thank you! 馃憦 The "smile" one gets me all the time. What if I'm not in the mood to smile?
Hahaha @LizArnone we SHOULD! @shannonl5 @nicolejb @jordannash @yernaya and @Princess2328 are all invited to join ;D
This is awesome!!! Another AMAZING message from my sister and fellow warrior princess @LizArnone :D Women need to be treated like human beings, not like objects that exist for society's pleasure.
Absoloutely love this card!
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