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It's the first question you ask any new acquaintance: "What's your name?"
Quite simply, this question is absolutely vital to meeting new people and making friends in France. If you know one question before going over there, this should be it! (And maybe "Where's the bathroom?" But that's another phrase for another day.)
So, when you meet someone (faire la connaissance de quelqu'un), ask them:

Comment vous appelez-vous?

What's your name?
That's the formal way of asking, for when you're being extra-polite. If you're a young person and talking to someone your own age,you might like to be a little more casual. In that case, you can ask this instead:

Comment tu t'appelles?

What's your name? (informal)
Let's break these phrases down! Here are the individual components and what they mean:
comment = how
s'appeler = to call, be called, call oneself
vous = you (formal)
tu = you (informal)
So both these phrases literally translate to, "How do you call yourself?" A little clunky in English, but that's how the French say it. :)


Of course, these phrases can't help you unless you know how to pronounce them properly!
Comment = Koh-mont. The second syllable is stressed. The first syllable is pronounced "koh," as is cooperation or Costco. The second syllable is pronounced like a more nasal version of "mont," as in Vermont, but keep in mind that here, the t is silent.
appelez = App-ell-ay.
vous = This word appears twice in the formal version of the question, but it is pronounced slightly differently each time. The first time, the final s is pronounced (as a z sound): "vooz". Normally the s is silent, but here it's pronounced because it blends with the vowel that follows – the a of appelez. This is called a liaison. The second time it appears in the phrase, it's simply pronounced "voo."
Comment = Koh-mont. Again, remember the t is silent here.
tu = "too" – only the "oo" sound is very nasal, as if you're forcing it out of your nose.
t'appelles = Tap-pell. The s is silent.

All together now!

Comment vous appelez-vous?
"Koh-mont vooz app-ell-ay voo?"
Comment tu t'appelles?
"Koh-mont too tap-pell?"
If reading pronunciations is not enough, and you'd like to hear these phrases pronounced by a native French speaker, watch the video below!

Tell me if this card was helpful to you :)

Hope you guys enjoy, French learners! :D
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