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So! We are watching the "IF YOU" M/V in Singapore and of course My girls are Drooling over the TV screen! Myself included! So we are sitting. We are drooling. We are singing. And then the 3 yr old says 3 yr old: MIMI SHHH MY PINK HAIR (TaeYang) IS SINGING TO ME! We all laugh loud!!! Me: i obediently oblige her... And i dont say another word each time HER "Pink Hair" sings... She then looks at me with "Daesung Eyes" and says... 3 yr old : (Tear filled eyes) MIMI I SAW WEE. I should no say that. I TO YOUNG for Pink Hair... Me: OH HONEY ITS OK! You can like and even love TaeYang... Because You are NEVER TO YOUNG TO BE A LOYAL FAN!!! So there You have it.. My 3 yr old knows Taeyang is her Senior and respects Him enough to know the difference in Love and Lines that should never be Crossed... So yea KPOP continues to rule over our home! And those that Love and adore it as much as we do are Family! So there it is... MY BABY LOVES BIGBANG AS MUCH IF NOT MORE THAN ANY OTHER FAN! AND FOR THAT SHE IS OUT BABY "V.I.P." #BigBang #TaeYang #innocentLove!
This is adorable! So cute! ^_^ I agree never too young to be a fan!
@drummergirl691 It took me a moment to think about what it was she was actually saying... But ... All i did was let her know... Love is forever seeking. But Loyalty... Is transcendent! It goes through many changes but never leaves... Therefore Loyalty & Love are Eternal!
That is too cute!! I think more people should follow your 3 year-old's example. @dreemer13
So sweet!