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They're amazing to eat, but they're even better for your hair, skin and nails.

Let me guess. You're surprised? Well, you should be. Avocados serve more than one purpose and now you can put it in your hair and on your face instead of just on that delicious whole grain bread.
Who wouldn't be down for a food that doubles as a beauty product? I sure would be. If you're interested in finding out how this yummy green fruit can benefit you and all your beauty -- allow me to be the first to introduce you to the awesome wonders of the avocado.

Helps Get Rid Of Dandruff

Take advantage of the entire fruit to get rid of annoying dandruff and dry scalp. The seed of the avocado was is known to be an effective dandruff treatment -- just grind up the seed into a powder.

Gets Rid Of Potential Bad Breath

Skip the mouth wash and drink some avocado juice instead. The juice will cleanse both your intestine and mouth resulting in a fresher smelling breath.

Add Some Shy To Dry Hair

If your hair is brittle and dry, look no further. A 15 minute hair mask (massage into scalp and hair) including avocado, coconut oil and an egg yolk will leave your hair silky smooth with a nice sheen.

Strong and Healthy Nails

Suffering from brittle nails? Apply avocado oil to your nails daily and you will see a magnificent difference.

Perfect In-Shower Body Lotion

If you're suffering from dry skin or just want your skin to be silky smooth, mix a ripe avocado with olive oil and leave on your body for five minutes in the shower. Rinse off and your skin will feel good as new.

Homemade Facial Cleanser

For a fresh face and minimized pores -- combine an avocado, honey and milk in a blender. Apply to face and wash as normal.

If Kim K is doing it -- it must be legit, right?

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