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Hello Anime Community! ^_^

Hope your day is going well! :)
Inspired by my friend @MattK95's idea, I want to put together something special for our Anime Community homies here.
As we all get to know each other and fangirl and fanboy over animes together, why not celebrate birthdays as well? XD
Just leave these 2 things in the comments below and there'll be a special card for you from the community on your special day. :D
1. Birthday Month and Date (No need for year, haha)
2. Favorite Anime character of all time (Just one, lol)
Hope to talk to more of you and get to know you all better! ^_^
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@otakukpopgirl Ah, that's such a tough question but off the top of my head right now, Deathnote, Ouran, and Attack on Titan. You?
@poojas Bleach, Naruto and Attack on Titan I really love action animes lol
@otakukpopgirl Nice! I'm on episode 10 of Attack on Titan right now.
@poojas Awesome I finished it last year and I've finished the 1st series of Naruto now im in the process of finishing Bleach im on episode 257
so what happened to my birthday anime card? 馃槖