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I don't even know what to say about these shoes. The best/worst part? The designer who made these shoes makes many shoes from animal parts that look incredibly creepy.
Meet Iris Schieferstein, from Berlin, who is the designer behind these interesting shoes. She says she collects the carcasses of animals from her local butcher after the meat has been removed for sausages. In 2011, Iris designed a pair of custom-fit shoes for Lady Gaga.
Iris said she loves horses and shoes and so she thought this combination of shoes made out of horse parts would be perfect. I mean, I love cats, but I would never, ever make a pair of shoes out of cat parts.
Want to put a little spring in your step? Why not add some dead birds to give you some extra lift throughout the day.
These heels are for all of you who have a secret wish of being a goat. Or they would make a really good pair of shoes for a Narnia-themed party (if those things actually existed). You could play the faun, Mr. Tumnus.
This gives a whole new meaning to the "snakeskin shoes." Not only do you get the snakeskin, you get the snake head too!

Kanye encapsulates my reaction perfectly.

That woman wear horse heel, right. if you wear horse heel, people think you look demon's leg. ( do you get it? because my bad english.)
I am laughing so hard. Taxidermy is such a fine fine line between 'Okay, I guess this is what we're doing right now.' and 'WHOA. WHAT? WHAT IS THAT? GROSS!'
@LizetAguirre @MooshieBay @nancychan like the cyberdemon from doom
no, no, and welp, no. Ugh
these shoes make me glad I can't afford them lol
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