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Bagel Girls, Honey Thighs, boobs boobs boooobs.

K-pop is turning away from the very thin tall girls and being more open about different body types, but boy have we got a long way to go.
Even the girl group the Piggy Dolls debuted with the concept that all the members were "chubby" but when they didn't get popular they all went on a diet and are typical skinny idols...which shows how vicious this industry is.

So where does K-pop draw the line between perfect curves and "too big?"

Curvy Idols

This is Hyosung from Secret, arguably the curviest, sexiest k-pop idol out there.

(excluding Hakyeon's curves OBVS)
Her hips and boobs have gotten her countless lingerie sponsors and she's pretty famous for her killer body. In a world of tall, skinny girls with no fat on their bones, Hyosung is a stand out. She was one of the first idols break that mold!
She's celebrated for her body (its actually the main focus of her concepts...) but also for her pure talent - she basically rules!

But now....

This is Jung Yook Hye from Rainbow.

You've probably seen her looking adorable with pink hair in videos like this:
Only one thing:

Notice the cute belly-showing outfits they're all wearing?

Notice how Yoonhye ISN'T SHOWING HER STOMACH?!

She's less curvy than Hyosung but for some reason Rainbow's team decided it was better to hide her tiny tummy.
Not only is she the only one not showing her midriff in the music video, there are fan accounts of her shirt being pinned to her pants so it wouldn't rise up while she was dancing. Her outfits would always be slightly modified to hide her stomach and to be honest she looks the same size as most of her fellow members.

What gives?!

Scroll through some live performances too and try to see if you can pick her out.
Because of this, she came to be thought of as the chubby member of Rainbow, and if she's considered chubby than I must be a beluga whale! These girls are TINY!
After their "Tell Me Tell Me" promotion, they came right back with "Sunshine"....

and a much tinier Yoonhye.

Yoonhye was noticeably skinnier for this promotion cycle - probably because of the pressure put on her last promo when she had to cover her body.
Where is Kpop drawing the line between chubby and curvy? Does one company celebrate other body types differently for another company? Why is someone as tiny as Yoonhye being shamed for having a little meat on her bones?
This is the promotion only a few months after Tell Me Tell Me.
(she first shows up at 0:08 with the phone in her hand)

Yoonhye, you're slammin'

Think of Sistar's Soyu and her diet - she thought of herself as the 'fat pig' of the group until she went on her insanely unhealthy diet. (pictured above - broccoli, 2 eggs, and 1 sweet potato for an entire day)
Think of the crap people put Suzy through after she gained a little weight while filming Dream High?!
In all entertainment industries there will be pressure to be perfect physically, but its frustrating when one curve is considered worse than another.

Can you think of other idols that went through crazy weight loss because of their image? Who are your fav curvy idols?!

This extends to guys too - Xiumin and Sandeul have definitely had issues being called the 'chubby members' when they're totally healthy boys!
I love this topic! The thing we need to remember is Asians are normally a lot smaller, whether it be because they are just naturally small or because they force themselves to be that way. If it's natural, it's natural (obviously I'm not talking about the crazy diets or anything atm), however if it's because they force themselves, such as with those crazy unhealthy diets, I really hope that stops, and soon. No one should feel led they have to starve themselves just to feel attractive and/or accepted. I do remember reading that there are health reasons for why Asians try to stay smaller (they're more prone to certain diseases or something, I can't remember the exact details), however their health obviously isn't the cause when they put their health in danger just to lose weight. It really irks me when a person who weighs 100 pounds complains about being overweight, not because I want to be that size (I really don't), but because society has gotten so into "being thin" that thin people and even dangerously thin people are feeling like they're fat, they can't see anything other than society telling them to lose weight. That's unhealthy both physically and emotionally. The problem with having a group with bigger members will probably persist for a long time. A lot of international fans don't have a problem with a bit of extra weight, maybe because our generation is really fighting to change how people are viewed, maybe because some of us are overweight and know the struggle (I'm not saying any of yall are hahaha but I definitely am lol!) but we aren't the problem. Unfortunately, international fans aren't going to make a kpop group be successful, it's the fans in Korea, the netizens, the fans in Japan, etc. Those are the fans that make or break it for kpop and, though some may be supportive or indifferent to their idols weight, a majority would have a huge problem with it. Until the mindset changes in Asia that everyone, idols especially, has to be super thin and super fit and super good looking.. Basically super human people, idols there are going to have to continue their crazy unhealthy diets, their unhealthy lifestyles, their continued plastic surgeries, their killer routines, etc. I really hope to see a change in their industry in my lifetime (kind of like how we're changing ours!) but Asian fans are the only ones who can start that change. All we can do is try and be supportive of the idols until then. (I really hope this wasn't too long and that it made sense lol)
oh and what about TOP? he was required to lose a lot of weight too and rumors are that he is still so self conscious that's why he rarely takes of his shirt. these kids are artists and very sensitive. this type of ridicule can easily give them a complex. I tend to believe TOP is probably still self conscious. as a person who has lost a lot of weight myself I understand. it's hard to have confidence when you have felt the disgust of others in a fat phobe society. 😢😡
I hated when xiumin lost so much weight. He was so adorable before and u doubt losing all tht weight so fast was healthy at all. It made me so sad tht he or the company feels the need to make them ultra thin to be accepted
My fav was Miss A min and Ailee but they both loss weight...and I hope Joy keeps her weight honestly shes still slim just not as unhealthy skinny as the rest
@szewwy Hwasa is gorgeous!! She's my female bias ❤❤❤
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