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Last night I hit a local bistro with one of my friends. While sports and fashion normally dominate our convos, we always find our way to the Harry Potter series.. and why not? Who doesn't love Potter.
While my friend is often to one to expose me to new details in the world of Potter, last night I beat him to the punch on a new detail.

This new theory discussed on the book nearly knocked him out his seat.

With my friend locked in, I started on my story:
"The latest interpretation has to do with “The Tale of the Three Brothers.” (For those who may have forgotten, the wizard fairy tale from Deathly Hallows about a trio of siblings who cheat Death.)
If you would like to see a visual interpretation of the story, I have placed a scene from the movie above.
"Readers have been comparing Harry, Snape, and Voldemort to the Peverells."Voldemort is the boastful oldest brother, Snape the long-lost-lovesick middle, and Harry the youngest."

But who is Death??

I had my friend by the ear now, he was locked in.
"I was on a site the other night and they had an interesting theory on who death is: Dumbledore," I said. "Wasn't he the one who met Harry at King's Cross? Wasn't Dumbledore behind the death of Snape and Voldemort?"

My best friend was HOT. He couldn't believe it.

Rather than argue with him, I said "go home and open the book."
"He gave Harry the cloak, didn't he?" I said. "Didn't he also have the wand and stone?"
After a bit of research, my friend called and said "My god, you may be right! Dumbledore may have been death!"

Crazy how J.K. Rowling is still twisting us up. A decade later and we are still discovering new things about the series!

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Snape! definitely! I see your point. I understand, I actually find my self overthinking about dumbledor's attitude because I want an explanation. but that's the beauty of harry potter's saga... you have to find your self an explanation because you always find something to explain even 10, 15 years later @shannonl5
@christianmordi @BPF1916 heck yeah! One of the best things about those books is that you can go back and it feels like you're reading something new. And they're so vivid even if there's not something in the book you come up with a headcanon about it. I've started to be less sympathetic towards Snape over the years. He was so cruel to Neville and I don't feel like that was fake. Like, I can kind of see why he hated Harry (because of the way James treated him), but even then I think that was inappropriate behavior for a teacher. But Neville? It feels like Snape was just being a bully.
@shannonl5 that's true.. it was cruel. but I love the way Neville turn into a men in the end *_*
@BPF1916 Neville's character development is my favorite I think. The way he stands up to his friends in the first book, despite being scared is such a touching moment. And I feel like he only grows from there. It's very subtle at first but after rereading it I feel like I noticed it a lot more. He's always been brave, we just didn't always see it.
Waaaaaaaaat. I need a bit more time to process this. Waaaaaat.