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When I was in high school, I was awkward in every sense of the word. I wore eyeliner that smudged a few inches too long. I’d awkwardly run to the cafeteria to be one of the first kids in line to get the “good” pizza. My pants were too big, and I wore a chain across my hip. I never skipped class, and I was a teacher's pet -- but I still managed to get really shitty grades. I thought school was boring, but the library was my sanctuary. I wasn’t a cheerleader, athlete, or the class star. I failed math way too many times to count, and my test scores were a disaster (how I got into college, is beyond me). I didn’t date, and sitting next to a cute guy made my hands sweaty.
I wished I was popular. I even thought about joining the cheerleading team, just so I can have the cheerleader status. I would imagine how great my life would have been if I was to date the star athlete. But that just wasn't in the stars for me. The high school gods were like, "no! You stay awkward, grasshopper." During my high school graduation, my 2006 class members were choking in tears. I stood there with a long smile pressed up against my chunky cheeks. I was happy. Happy to be over high school. My college goal was cultivate a new identity for myself.
After I left high school, I realized that everyone's high school identity was left at the graduation stage. The popular kids became little people in a massive grown-up world. Some of them were crushed by the realities, others moved on. The popular kids weren't given any special statuses. They just were. Some of them cried alone in dorms. Some got married. Some took leadership roles in college organizations. Some of them made a family. Some of them became invisible. As for me, I started to take school more seriously. I was known on the college campus as the girl who lifts weights. I was acknowledged by my professors, and I was highly regarded through my written works. I dated a lot. I dated hot guys, athletic guys, and smart guys.
The status I had in high school just wasn't relevant after the class of 2006 threw up their graduation caps. And my college status didn't matter in the career world, either. Resume, cover letters, writing samples, a great interview, work experience. That's what matters now. When you're in high school, you believe it's the end of the world if you're not popular, prom queen or king, or the star athlete. But I am here to tell you that all of that doesn't matter. I promise you, it doesn't. Focus on making best out of high school. Focus on being happy. Do what you love. Your high school status is not going matter after you walk out and throw your high school deuces.

Have Fun Being Young.

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This post is so accurate! I think I needed to see this because I was never popular. I was nice to I the majority of the kids I went to school. And I've always struggled in math. I even had to take a lower math because I didn't catch on as quickly. A boy I had a crush on at the time called it dumb math. He instantly claimed he "didn't mean it." I just looked at him and said "Yeah, you did." and walked away. There was nothing more that could of been done. He no longer appealed to me after that. I never tried to be popular in school and I was also a teachers pet. Why? Because I liked most of my teachers and I tried. I had probably some of the worst grades in my class but my teachers where patient and did what they could to help me. I've been out of high school since 2010. I went to a college for a semester then quit do to some personal issues at the time. I'm now starting over. At a different college and have been worrying about if I'm "smart" enough. Obviously I got in. I do have to start at the b beginning again but that's okay. I've still got time to figure this out and get my sh*t together. I'm done living in the past. I'm done moping about missing out on certain events. (I was homeschooled) I'm done doing the self pity. It gets you nowhere. Here's to "growing up and owning your sh*t and enjoying life."
@alywoah. I really like what your wrote. I attended a high school with roughly over 5000 students and I was definitely the popular one. My high school was very diverse and I knew pretty much all types of people. I was a cheerleader and best known with always smiling. I hated going to school and I skipped class a lot. Now that I'm all grown up, I realized it was stupid of me to skip classes and/or school. I even got into a few fights. But was it worth it? NOT AT ALL!!! I don't even speak to any of my old friends. Granted I graduated in 199?????? I love life now, I'm more quiet, I do things for just my husband and daughters and ironically I work in a school. Being popular in HS isn't all that important, school work is.
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