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As we all know, the GOP debate occurred last night and if the title of this card made you roll your eyes and laugh why the fuck are we even entertaining the idea of Trump for president. Megyn Kelly decided to ask him how he can be an ally for women when his twitter is flooded with insults calling women who went against him "fat pigs, dogs" and even telling one that she would "be a pretty picture on her knees". After receiving this question Trump then turned on Kelly threatening he can be "not be very nice to her" to the applause of the crowd! Now watch Trump in action at the debate FOR PRESIDENCY!
Donald you huge fucking idiot; calling women fat pigs and sexually harassing them has nothing to do with political correctness. Insulting and berating women who oppose you is the mark of a shitty temper on a rich man with an overly inflated ego and your twitter feed alone shows that you completely disrespect women. Let me remind you, in America over half of the population is made up of women. How the hell do you think you can help the war on women OR EVEN be a voice for the female citizens of America when it is so clearly obvious that you believe you are above every single one of us? Also, since when is sexual harassment and lewd behavior acceptable in someone who is suppose to represent us as a country? Yes, sometimes political correctness can get in the way of a frank conversation, but knowing the difference between being polite, respectful and a good person is not being too "politically correct". We are currently at war with some of the most conservative people in the world, and we are really going to trust someone who feels like political correctness doesn't matter (and is a complete racist ) be in charge of trying to negotiate for peace? I mean really, do we want someone who gets into immature, insulting and ignorant TWITTER wars leading our American troops into THE REAL WARS we are currently fighting? Because this is a fucking joke if I ever heard one.
Don’t stress too much @christianmordi @drwhat and @virginvingler I read that the polls don’t really matter much in the early stages! I HIGHLY doubt Trump will actually win. If he does, I’m moving to Canada.
@nicolejb @christianmordi @drwhat and @virginvingler yeah if he wins I'm about to get my ass outta town...aka the country. because i can not handle him
I can't believe this guy is getting this much traction in the polls right now
ugh me too @LizArnone. those assholes are also (hopefully) VERY single.
@nicolejb you rock! hahah and yeah i know i hated all those assholes in the back that cheered when he threatened her UGH
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