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The perfect cure to a slow moving Friday is a good laugh, and there's nothing funnier than hilarious game show answers. I'm sorry if you're sitting at your desk in a quiet office because this will make you laugh uncontrollably. I'll give you a couple examples if you don't believe me...

Q: "Name a famous Willy."

A: "Willy the Pooh?"

Q: "Name something you squeeze."

A: "Peanut butter."

Q: "Name a part of the body everyone has only one of."

A: "Big toe."

I have no idea how these people come up with these ridiculous answers, but I'm glad they do. Please enjoy.


For Family Feud related ridiculousness (which there is tons of), check out @christianmordi's card!!!
Made my day
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Haha @MooshieBay I'm glad. I found this video this morning and had to share it, I've been laughing hysterically at it all day
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This 15 minute video is HILARIOUS. Thanks for the shoutout on the card as well, most dope!
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