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Yes, you read that correctly. The Queen of Selfies spelled "president" wrong (she spelled it "presisent") which is a story in its own. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, and Hillary Clinton finally met showing another reason why Kimye somehow remains relevant and the most important couple in the United States. Kim strictly wanted to meet Clinton for selfie reasons, obviously.
They paid $2,700 just to attend the 250 person event which is just change you'd find in the bottom of their couch. They arrived early with Kris Jenner and Mary Steenburgen.
Kim Kardashian isn't the first celebrity to strongly promote Clinton, Katy Perry has also been very vocal by changing her Twitter avi to Clinton's campaign logo. Most of Hollywood will back Clinton and after last night's GOP Presidential Debate, it's only a given that Clinton will end up winning the Democratic ticket. The Republicans are scared of her.

"I got my selfie!!!"

That's all that matters, folks.
Should celebrities promote presidential campaigns?
ugh.... go home. celebs are for hollywood not Washington d.c or any presidential debat or election. unless you are running for president and have enough sense to hold a logical debate and can actually help this country then just stay home. this country is a mess and blessit. lol. sorry long day at the car show. rant over. lol
@cullenquigley people in government work for the American ppl not just for celebrities who pay to go to their dinners. If they are truely a great candidate they shouldn't have to sell out and in a way be owned by hollywood. Not being disrepectful only stating my opinion.
I don't think celebrities should promote any poloitical campaigns for the simple fact that ppl follow famous ppl and nothing really to do with government. So they base an opinion on what a reality star says. No thankyou learn the facts and think for Yourself.
@2littlelegs I do agree. The candidates get great publicity for celebrities though. And celebrities are people too so they should be able to freely promote. It's just a shame sometimes that their influence may not be well informed.