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i was inspired by @kpopandkimchi's Taeyang's Thursday Abs that powered me through that day. so here vingle family!!!! whatever you are doing today i hope this will put you in a good mood...
just listen to SHINee
"I think you're magical, I think you're wonderful!"
if SHINee says it than it must be true!!!!
you are colorful
SNSD got the feelings...
"We can't stop stop stop, it's party time here!"
yes it's a party because it's Friday!!! YAYER
SUJU always got game...
"If you're a man meet you're friends and drink soju,
If you're a woman meet friends and chat and blow it off"
whatever is bothering you, don't worry because "Everything has it's time"
"One Shot, One Chance"
"Hey shout your voice to the world"
B.A.P pretty much summed it up
i love the beat, the message and did i mention i love the guys
"To all the people who looked down on me"
show them what you made of
so if you are feeling stress this Feel Good FRIDAY, i hope this card helped you relax a little, but if it didn't take kang gary's advice and LaughOutLoud...
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I love you, but at the same time I had literally JUST gotten Party un-stuck from my head and now its back and its TORTUUUREEEE. WAEEEEEE. But really hahahah happy friday! this card made me so happy^^~ (i havent listened to that shinee song in sooooo long)