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One missing CEO and a huge PR campaign later...SeaWorld just announced their profits are down 84%.
We all heard the story right? It’s a tale of the theme park’s mistreatment of orcas, employees, and hiding behind all the scandal. SeaWorld has been in the headlines since the release of the 2013 Blackfish Documentary.
On top of CEO Joel Manby releasing SeaWorld profits, he also had to admit that the company is still attempting to convince the public that there whales are treated well, and is ultimately failing.
Here are the numbers:
Net income in the second quarter dropped from $37.4m in 2014 to $5.8m in 2015, a 84% decrease. Revenue fell from $405m to $392m. Attendance dropped by more than 100,000 from 6.58 million to 6.48 million.
Having watched the documentary myself, I really do not like the idea of Sea World existing. But I think they can change around their business plan and code of ethics to make things better again. Maybe change their attractions!
For example: Sea World is trying to boost other attractions, and putting in a brand new roller coaster...I sure hope the rollercoaster wasn’t breed in captivity. Don’t even get me started on separating this coaster from its mother coaster!
The Blackfish movie was so good and so eye-opening! I'm glad SeaWorld's profits are suffering because it shows that people actually care
@allischaaff It's on my list of movies that i have to watch, today i rewatched Cowspiracy and I am completely devistated even tho they focus on enviroment rather than how animals are being treated. I need to mentally prepare myself for this movie. But I'm soooo happy that this movie seems to have such an impact on people, things are changing!
Yeah @yernaya I totally recommend Blackfish too, I know you're into socially conscious documentaries about treating animals right :) it was really well done. I loved how they incorporated theories about whales' brains. We humans tend to conceptualize consciousness as something linked to size – squishing a fruit fly is okay, because it's so small, it can barely feel, right? And experimenting on mice and rats is a widespread practice, because since they're so small, their lives aren't as important as our own. Our brains are so much larger and more complex than theirs, so as we see it, so are our feelings. But whales are bigger than us – and their hippocampus, the emotional center of the brain, is much, much larger than ours. Scientifically speaking, their feelings should be much more intense than ours. And when I think about the kind of lives they lead at SeaWorld and places like it... that makes me sad :(
@nicolejb It was absolutely amazing! I was a changed woman after I saw it because it opened my eyes to so many problems with what they do and how they try to persuade the public that what they are doing is okay. I agree, I think the American public needs to do more about making SeaWorld pay for what they have done
I'm really glad that their profit decreased, people are finally realising that sea world is basically a small pool with suffering animals from sea.
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