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Did you know that "chia" is the Mayan word for strength? These cute little seeds were carried around in pouches by Mayan foot messengers, who valued them for their long-sustaining energy. Today, tons of people are still touting the nutritional bliss induced by eating chia; read on to learn all about the HUGE health benefits packed into these tiny little seeds. :)

Chia seeds have...

2 times the protein of any other seed or grain 5 times the calcium of milk 2 times the amount of potassium as bananas 3 times the antioxidant strength of blueberries 3 times more iron than spinach tons of omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids
Chia seeds have a mild, pleasant taste, which just isn't the case for all health foods.
They're a complete protein, meaning they contain all the amino acids your body needs to survive, and they're an amazing source of soluble fiber.
The seeds are very absorbent, and can hold up to 12 times their weight in water – so they help you stay hydrated and conserve electrolytes.
Chia seeds are easy to digest, and extremely beneficial to digestive health. They keep your intestines healthy and your stool regular.
Finally, chia seeds are incredibly versatile: they work in both savory and sweet foods; they can be added to almost any recipe to cut calories and increase nutrient density; and they can even be used as an all-natural acid reflux remedy. (Source)

Eating chia seeds...

Provides long-lasting energy Boosts strength Bolsters endurance Levels out blood sugar Catalyzes weight loss Aids digestion
So what are you waiting for? Pick some up today! And check out these delicious, healthy chia seed recipes for inspiration on how to incorporate them into your diet.
Personally, I can't wait to try a summery, refreshing Chia Fresca! Find the easy recipe below.

Tropical Chia Fresca

Combine 1 cup coconut water, 2 tablespoons pineapple juice, and 1 tablespoon chia seeds in a sealable container. Swirl to mix, then let to sit for 15 minutes to allow chia seeds to expand. Drink and enjoy!

Mexico Chia Fresca

Combine 2 tsp chia seeds, 10 oz. pure water, juice of one lemon or lime, and agave syrup or raw honey to taste in a sealable container. Swirl to mix, let sit for 15 minutes, and enjoy!
Chia seeds are life!! I love them especially in smoothies and acai bowls :) I'm glad I could inspire you in a healthy way haha
@skee292, I was inspired by your health posts when I made this card :)
I love them in my oatmeal and coconut water!!!!