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It's almost time for the temperatures to start dropping and I couldn't be more excited. It's also almost time to go back to school, and you want to look your best for that first week back with all of your friends. One of the best fabrics that will keep you cooler when the temperatures drop and will make you look super fashionable is flannel.

Flannel dresses

Flannel dresses are great for when it's still a little warm outside because the dress form will keep you cooler. Look for flannel dresses that are loose — they will give off a casual and comfy vibe.

Flannel shirts

You can grab a flannel shirt as a wrap to keep you warm on cooler nights or in the air conditioning or wear it as a regular shirt on a cooler day.

Flannel skirts

Take a modern twist on the classic plaid school-girl skirt with flannel skirts. Flannel skirts give you a cool, edgy vibe when you pair them with booties and a neutral shirt.

Flannel fashion inspiration

Here is some flannel fashion inspiration to get you started on rocking flannel and give you ideas on how to style your flannel pieces.
@jordanhamilton me neither! Fall fashion is my absolute favorite!
yesss!!! I cannot wait for the fall :)
@jordanhamilton me too!! It's so great for fall/winter!
im so obsessed with flannel!!!
I have always had a thing for plaid!
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