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The train was empty today. I mean completely empty. It got me thinking...what would I do if I were the last person on earth?
I think I would go to the biggest stages in the world and play my guitar. I can imagine wandering into an unlocked Madison Square Garden, plugging into the System and playing my own private concert for thousands of empty seats.
What would you do if you were the last person on earth? @alywoah @BPF1916 @buddyesd @esha @lizarnone @paulisaverage @TerricaRiley @jordanhamilton
@TessStevens I've been getting a good mental workout since I got on vingle :)
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I'd walk around naked, stuff my face with cheeseburgers, and pee outside on the road.
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First things first. Find or learn how to travel around world so that i can sightsee and experience EVERYTHING! Until i find this out, i cant think farther.
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not sure if this was suppose to be an actual prompt but it inspired me SOOOO i wrote one
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@alywoah (cough cough) me neither (cough cough) lol
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