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What Would You Do If You Were The Last Person On Earth?
The train was empty today. I mean completely empty. It got me thinking...what would I do if I were the last person on earth?
I think I would go to the biggest stages in the world and play my guitar. I can imagine wandering into an unlocked Madison Square Garden, plugging into the System and playing my own private concert for thousands of empty seats.
What would you do if you were the last person on earth? @alywoah @BPF1916 @buddyesd @esha @lizarnone @paulisaverage @TerricaRiley @jordanhamilton
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visit area 21 of NASA and would drive like crazy piss on the seat of Barack Obama would start my own sitcom sing at the times square with mic
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I would do whatever i damn well wanted to do!
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I think I would be scared at first but let's think. last person, not the last living being! so I'll probably would get basic provisions, tools, and books, lots! specially some that could help me living in the wild, and I would find a way to go somewhere pure... nature, animals, water.. somewhere nice and write there and learn how to survive! Crazy hun? :p @TessStevens
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@BpF1916 that sounds like a great plan. Like, smart! I'm glad someone went realistic with this hahaha because those relational thoughts tend to elude me lol
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@TessStevens true... sometimes we tend to dream a little too much
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