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Itaewon, known for its variety of cuisines, its the place to go if you want to find from mexican food to brunch. Not too long ago, my friend and I decided to stop by Suji's, which is in Itaewon station (line 6). It's a cozy, two-floor restaurant with everything from scrambled eggs, omelettes to pasta. The two things I would try again would be the Alfredo pasta and the chicken omelette. The menus are a little bit pricey, but definitely worth the try! The menus range from 10,000W to 25,000W! Enjoy xxoo
I shouldn't be looking at pictures of food when I'm hungry. :P
@YinofYang I know right.....but so hard not to look!
It's true! That's why I keep looking anyway when I shouldn't. LOL!
i love it ;)