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The Fantastic Four movie is out! And despite some less-than encouraging reviews that are being written in response to the midnight release today this seems like the perfect opportunity to celebrate with another awesome fanmix. And crackmix. Because it's Friday and we all could use a laugh.
I've got an entire collection dedicated to the music our favorite characters would listen to (including Steve Rogers and America Chavez).

Here's what the team is listening to (when they're not busy saving the world from Doom of course):

Reed Richards

If you're looking for crack, listen to Symphony of Science! - The Quantum World. Seriously, this song will make you love science.
And, if you came here looking for something genuine, Coldplay's The Scientist is exactly what you need to listen to. Reed is a character with a lot of regret. "Nobody said it was easy, nobody said it would be this hard." It's a solemn but hopeful song.

Sue Storm

The crack tune is easily Skylar Grey's Invisible. Nobody wants this song to be their anthem, and yet it's probably everyone's anthem at least once.
In the actual film, we see Sue Storm listening to Portishead. So if you want to feel really in-character, you can listen to their best-of tracks (the second video on this block).

Johnny Storm

Yeah, maybe it's a bit predictable, but Hot Mess by Cobra Starship is definitely the best song for a Johnny Storm crack mix.
And to be fair, the serious track on this fanmix is also a little facetious. But you have to admit that We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel is a classic. And Johnny has traditionally been the most lighthearted character on the team. So this makes sense. (Sure it does).

Ben Grimm

The B-52's Rock Lobster should be on every crack mix. But especially Ben Grimm's, since he's basically a sentient rock.
And he totally owns it! Sure, he's sad about it sometimes. Out of everyone on the Fantastic Four team, his transformation is the most obvious. And while he's impervious to attacks, he's also more humanoid than human. But he's a resilient character, so he's probably listen to Queen's We Will Rock You to get amped up.

When your squad looks ready for action...

...feel free to put all of this music on blast.
If you want to know which member of the Fantastic Four you are, check out this card. And subscribe to this collection if you don't want to miss the nest awesome fanmix!
@shannonl5 I know huh lol
@buddyesd OH GOD OUCH
@shannonl5 I guess not, I mean that must be why the hulk is so angry. that's the part of his pants that never rip lol
@buddyesd I mean can you blame him? XD
Ben Grimm is nekkid? I guess that answers a few questions lol
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