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Earlier last month i made a card about what type of style i should do for this school year. My mom chosed inbetween 2 and the long and straight one. So here's the results. D.O is honestly me everyday at school lowkey.
i put in a ponytail though since my mom made it a bit buldgey it looks weird down. So i might wear it in a ponytail or wear a bow to hide it a bit. I dyed my hair a bit of a lightet brown. i dont know if you can tell tb difference though. Lol qnd excuse my un-makeup face lol
Thanks for giving your opinions guys! Truely appreciate with all my heart and junsu's booty.
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Awesome!! Totally love it! <3 You're welcome btw ^^ Glad I could be of some help :D
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Second pic dude in the poster 馃槏馃槏 lol love your hair. 馃榿
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@montha91 yeah it's v from dark&wild era 馃槅 and thank you@jiggzy19 @montha91
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@SashaLove omg it's V!! Lol I couldn't tell its blurry. You're welcome :)
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