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Wishing you an amazing birthday from the Anime Community, @KarinaFarias!!! :)

Hope you have a fantastic day! ^_^

Happy Birthday!!!

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Happy Birthday :)
Itachi... @karinafarias happy birthday, and u have excellent taste in anime characters :)
@poojas That's a surprise that you haven't watched Naruto because thats an anime almost everyone has watched even if only just an episode. I still haven't finished it yet I'm in Naruto Shippuden 100 episodes. I'm afraid to go farther because I know there are so many deaths ahead in this show. 馃槩
@biancadanica98 I will eventually get to it, I promise. For some reason I just never got into it lol. But one day, I will.
Happy birthday @karinafarias...oooooh itachi.