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This was literally my face last night. So I've been into kpop and jpop (also jrock) for about 3 years now and I haven't listened to American pop music since. I don't know what the popular songs are anymore etc. But (no one get butt hurt about this post please) when I was watching BartBaker parodies I had to look up the actual songs. Pretty Girls, B- I'm Madonna. I have to say I'm disappointed in American pop as it is now. When I was in middle school it was pretty decent.
^ Me to the artists. I had to listen to GOT7, Winner, and BigBang last night after to feel better.
me too. if i listen to a bad american pop song. i have to get big bang, red velvet. and sometimes lee hi to make me feel better.
right the musice now is just soo random I watch Bart baker too and there are some American songs I like but nowadays its like everything is the same and there isnt anything exciting so id much rather listen to Japanese rap and Korean music
Same. Whenever I go out with the family in their car (especially my mum) they have the radio on and I always have to take my headphones with me to listen to kpop in the car
Don't blame you...I don't listen to american music anymore either.
@majesticx right the only music I really listen to is lana del rey and sam smith other then that I listen to korean music , American music is just becoming so generic its sad
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