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EA has dropped a new gameplay trailer for Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, and it looks like they're really trying to amp up the entire experience, from the visually stunning environments and the improvements made to the combat system.
The biggest complaint lodged against the original game was the combat sytem- it felt clunky and inefficient, especially when considering the level of detail that went into the environments and the freerunning sections.
The gameplay trailer seems like EA has been keeping the level of detail in the environments going and expanding upon it, with the indoor spaces looking larger and more detailed than the last game, and the outside sections showing off even more of the metropolis the game takes place in.
The trailer gave an expansive look at the outdoor parts of the game as well as a towering skyscraper that the protagonist, Faith, finds herself within as she conducts some corporate espionage.
After making off with an important device containing who knows what, Faith encounters a couple of guards, who se fluidly and gracefully dispatches in seconds. From what is shown, it seems as though the combat has been made to feel more dynamic this time around.
What's more is that at the upcoming PAX Prime, DarkHorse comics will be giving people the opprotunity to pick up a prequel comic book they are making for Mirror's Edge, called Exordium.
According to IGN, "fans will be able to purchase a copy of the issue for $5 with a special PAX Prime variant cover, limited to 1000 copies. Exordium’s official release date isn’t until September 9, so those who scoop it up will be getting it early."
So if you're eager for a slice of Mirror's Edge pie, you should look into some PAX Prime tickets. Or just wait until the variant cover shows up on eBay.