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So I am from New York City. I didn't get my license till I was 21 because public transportation is all the rage, I've always had street lights to show me the way home and going to the store to get milk is only a 2 minute walk, not a 45 minute drive round trip.
And yet I now live with my boyfriend from upstate New York whose weekend activities were camping, landscaping and drinking by a fire.
And I love it!
So here is 5 irrefutable reasons why dating a country boy is the way to go.
They know how to fix (and drive) everything
Most of the guys I know from high school wouldn't even know how to change a tire, let alone can figure out the problem just based on the sound the car is making. There is something very attractive about knowing that your guy can fix just about anything you need.
They are also really good at making things themselves as well so thats just another plus!
They know so much about things you never even think of
Growing up completely differently means that both of you can teach each other all new and crazy (and sometimes useless) information! Like I had no idea that car batteries weighted 1 million pounds or which kind of trees are which or how to properly care for chickens. It makes the relationship a constant learning experience!
They are so relaxed and go with the flow
Maybe its the air up there or maybe its the lack of traffic, but country boys are very go with the flow. They don't get mad to often, they aren't overly sensitive and they usually know how to handle most situations. And coming from someone who is totally off the walls, its nice to be able to pick a fight and know that it won't be riling him up to much.
They know how to fight
They may be pretty level headed but add a few drinks and a total douche at a bar and your country guy will know how to stand up for himself. Maybe its all the manual work that they do outside, the standard rough housing that is increased seven folds the deeper country you get, or just the whiskey and beer mix that is usually their drink of choice, but country boys know how to handle themselves.
Apocalypse Survival
This might sound crazy but hear me out. City people don't hunt for their food, they dont usually know how to shoot a gun let alone own one, and they don't know how to fix as much shit (see #1). Country boys all went camping before, they know how to start a fire, what to pack for a survival kit and how to live off the land.
So if shit goes down, having a country guy at your side will definitely increase your odds of survival.
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lizarnone@so true. Important to hold on to that county boy