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DIY watercolor sweatshirt
This DIY tutorial is perfect for transforming a boring sweatshirt or t-shirt into a unique piece of fashion. And the best part? It's completely no sew! This tutorial comes from the creative people as P.S. I made this.
This tutorial is super simple. All you need is a watercolor palette, a white or cream sweatshirt, a plate, a sponge, a cup and a paintbrush. On the plate, mix together some watercolors. Then, dampen your sweatshirt or shirt with the sponge and some water. Next, paint on the mixed watercolors. Then let it dry. You now have a unique and artsy sweatshirt or t-shirt.
(Caution: The watercolors will most likely wash out in the washing machine so beware what you wash the garment with.)
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