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If you invite Jimi Hendrix to your party, your party will be more fun.

It's science. They've done studies.

Jimi will make your shirt fit better.

Jimi will make your feet lighter, in that funky-good kinda way.

Jimi will make your drink stronger (What? No. Not like that. Why... Why would you even think of that?).

Jimi will make your jokes funnier.

Jimi is just ... cool.
His classic hits are just that - classic - but with Jimi you can also just press play from anywhere on his catalogue of music and you're going to be just fine. All of his songs are largely similar: they feature Jimi playing the guitar really, really well.

That's *kind of* all there is to it, but, at the same time, it's so much more complicated than that.

This weekend, find out what I mean.

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@jordanhamilton I feel you. Chilling with Jimi would be a dream. And nothing but love for Hey Joe, just gotta make room for some other favorites is all - Castles in the Sand is another of my favorites but I couldn't find a youtube video of it for some reason.
you're right!!! I love the fact that you added some that I'm not familiar with, made it all the more better. he's an amazing artist and I've never heard Castles in the Sand -- def have to give it a listen!
perfect for drinking outside and partying with your friends!
You really can't go wrong with Jimi. He was a true genius. His passion is in every single song.
He was a true legend who died way before his tme.