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So I keep hearing that something happened at Big Bang's Concert last night in Shenzhen.... And if you go on ANY of Big Bang's instagram accounts youll see many fans apologizing for last nights show??
So if you know what happend can you please explain to me if you can.
@majesticx true that... BIGBANG Fighting!
why go through soo much effort to hate someone? I just don't get it! how could you possibly have THAT much time on your hands. smh
this is not Bigbang related but something similar happened to Rap Monster of BTS at one of their shows here in the States. I know one thing is for sure. The are humans with feelings just like the rest of us. It makes no matter if they are international superstars. You still should not disrespect other people like that. If you don't like their music well shit, you know where the front door. Hope it hits your ass on the way out because that was uncalled for.
@minionpeach17 smh some people . I know that something like this happened but I don't remember when. I think they should just hold their heads up high because they've got more fans than haters.
@majesticx idk... I just saw post of people saying that some rude rich people (anti-fans) were doing all those things, and that GD was sad and Younbae was angry... also I just found out that those people also left the concert and left some front rows empty and that many VIPs were left out and couldn't enter to the concert hall because of those people. This are not my words, I also want to know what really happened... hopefully our oppas are okay! :')
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