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¿¿What Happend at the Concert??
So I keep hearing that something happened at Big Bang's Concert last night in Shenzhen.... And if you go on ANY of Big Bang's instagram accounts youll see many fans apologizing for last nights show??
So if you know what happend can you please explain to me if you can.
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They work waay too hard to be dealing with this shit from antis.
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I can't believe they made G-Dragon cry ..... They should be ashamed !!
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For one, why would you go to a show you didn't want to see?? And why didn't the surrounding VIPs stand up for BB and mob the haters??? I've seen some seriously devoted fans and just talking they get all huffy puffy if you say something wrong about their guys. So if that incident is true ... Just makes me sad. Experiences like that are what keep artists from returning to that place. Nobody wants to go back to places where they have had bad experiences. How unfortunate. Hope they recovered quickly because they are working so hard right now.
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omg what happened. hope they feel better
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what happened?
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