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Is this for real?! Did they finally do it???

People have been espousing various "miracle" hangover cures forever – a greasy breakfast, pickle juice, more alcohol... among other, crazier things. But this time around, scientists from Australia's national science agency have actually discovered a way to significantly reduce hangover symptoms and improve ability to concentrate following a night of drinking.
And no, it's not pickle juice (shocker).
This article from Quartz gives the down low on the researchers' findings:
If consumed in advance of the alcohol, pears, and specifically Korean pear juice, the researchers say, “significantly reduced” hangover symptoms compared to a placebo drink. The biggest impact was seen in the subjects’ ability to concentrate, says Professor Manny Noakes, the project’s lead researcher.
I've always believed pears to be a wonderful fruit, but I wasn't aware they could work magic!! Korean pears, also known as Asian pears, are an especially delicious variety of pear that looks like this:
They're brownish in color with a slight speckling, and are typically much rounder than your average pear. Their juice is sweet, and in my opinion, tastes a lot like a cross between apple and pear juice.

How does it work, you ask?

...pears effect the enzymes involved in alcohol metabolism, helping the body metabolize and eliminate alcohol or even inhibit its absorption. “In particular, reductions were seen in blood acetaldehyde levels, the toxic metabolic thought to be responsible for hangover symptoms,” says Noakes.

It's settled: before you go out drinking this weekend, eat an Asian pear.

If all goes well, you should experience little to no hangover the next day (depending on how much you drink, of course). Remember to still be safe and exercise caution when it comes to alcoholic drinks – I'm definitely not advocating binge drinking! But hopefully, this scientifically supported cure will help you out.
And be sure to let me know if this works for you! Cheers, and happy weekend everyone.
I don't really need to be convinced to eat more pears, so, i'm down.
Awesome stuff @allischaaff this is good to know
hahaha nice @allischaaff “reap” the benefits :D I read this study over the weekend, whilst I was struggling with hungover problems. So I’m definitely going to try it this weekend. that’s for sure!
I researched a little more, and just so you guys know, the necessary quantity of juice to drink is a little under one cup! So drink a cup and you'll be sure to reap the benefits :)
Haha @marshalledgar thankfully, not the buzz. Just the headache, nausea, and difficulty concentrating the next day :)
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