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"Lean" is a dangerous codeine based drink that is running rampid in hip-hop at the moment.

Due to hit songs like "Codeine Crazy," Future has become the face (right or not) or this movement. While many know that Future has engaged in drinking the substance, no one has stepped up and said this was a problem on record.. until today.
Future just released his DS2 Track by Track commentary video. During Part 3 of the documentary, the ATL rep explains why he drinks codeine.
Future gives an explanation for his drug use in the past in the interview.
"My trust of words and my word play is one thing," he says, discussing "Slave Master," which ends with a salute to the late A$AP Yams. "But the things I'm talking about is basically me just getting over certain situations, me using drugs as an alternate route to be able to overcome certain things in your life that you feel like you don't want to get to you. It's like me copping out, taking the easy route, you could say. By substituting my problems or my pain with codeine or whatever."
While I hate to hear anyone is addicted to a substance, it is great to hear that he has at least acknowledged that he may have a problem.

The hip-hop community has lost so many great minds to "lean" (Pimp C, A$AP Yams, etc) we would hate for anything to happen to Future.

Hopefully he takes steps to move away from the drug for good. Future could really sway the youth away from lean.