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This is the first poem I've written in quite some time. Hope you guys enjoy. :)
@quietone @AkshatLal @skee292 @LizArnone @rodiziketan I dedicate this to you guys, because you've all inspired me to try writing more creative pieces. :)
I wrote your name for the first time last night. I’ve never written you before, never written those letters in quite that order; the consonants kissing, the vowels vying for attention. Lowercase love.
As my pen spiraled, I felt an uncertainty that was tempered by a surety that we could be very happy, sharing the same proximity. Your letters and my letters cozying up together, building a house of words to live in, and adopting a slobbery but loveable semicolon.
I wouldn’t mind if we had to wait a while. After all, life is long in its brevity, and I have sentences to spare.
Hey, this is really good. It reminds me of something I once read, even though I have no idea what it was. Which really just means you write with a lot of comfort and familiarity - it's really well done. Nice work.
Aww thank you so much @AkshatLal! Believe it or not, you were one of my biggest inspirations in sharing this :) I hope you have a wonderful day, and I'll definitely let you know when I post more poetry!
This piece just took my breath away! Beautifully crafted, and full of sentiment! Lovely poem, please keep posting more stuff like this! Have a good day! :) And thanks for the tag.
Thank you everyone!! :D and thank you very much @rodiziketan :D tag me in your future creative posts!!
omg @allischaaff, I love this. If I somehow inspired you to this, you just inspired me to tho the same. I guess it is a circle thing :)
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