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So today I found out something shocking. Almost horrifying! I found out today that our fellow vingler and anime fan @poojas has never seen Naruto.
I know, I know. She is like a lost sheep, and we in the anime community must be her shepherds. These are some reasons for @poojas (and also everyone) to start watching Naruto right now.

Because we get to see this idiot grow from an outcast child to a shinobi legend.

Because Sasuke is so dreamy. (Even if he's emo as heck)

Because of Jiraiya, the pervy old hermit.

Because of super awesome powers like the Rasengan...

...and the Chidori.

Because of this badass Kyuubi

And his puppy form!

Because of how Team 7 grow and evolve.

Because of Rock Lee's sheer badassery

But mostly for the amazing characters and story that we all love.

These are just a few reasons for someone to watch this amazing anime. I'd love to hear everyone else's reasons. I know there are some Naruto fans in the anime community! Comment your reasons too and maybe we'll get @poojas to start watching today!
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don't forget kiba and gaara's awesomeness and Akamaru's cuteness
And Shikamaru being a genius <3
naruto is hard to watch of you didn't grow up with it because early on it is mediocre at best. but when it gets good it gets reallllllllly good.
because you get to see one of the best ship ever not become canon
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