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Hey guys!
So far we talked about your favorite Running Man members, pairs and even who your RM partner would be.
There are SO MANY awesome games in Running Man...which ones would you want to play?
Here are some that I would like to participate in! ^_^

Name Tag Elimination

Probably the greatest Running Man game ever. You are either on Kim Jong Kook's team or you are eliminated. No other options. Hopefully I can be on the same team as the tiger.

Idol Olympics

If you haven't seen the Running Man idol olympics episodes yet, you need to do that NOW. Brings out the best 4D in every idol. I would want to participate along with 2PM.


Every time any member gets a spy mission, it's the best thing ever. Well, except for Kwangsoo, because he gives it away. I would want to be Yooames Bond's partner.


OMG. These are my favorite? Who even is the real King of Ddakjii? We may never know! I would think KJK would be it. But I'd still like to give the game a shot.

Pair Games

I love these because all the Running Man guys start to fight over the guests. I just get a bit sad when Monday Couple gets split up. I would want to be paired with Kwangsoo...LOL.

Sports Challenges

Whether it's baseball or soccer, I love watching the sport-themed episodes. It's fun to see some of the members get so excited about them and other miserably failing at missions. I would be the one terribly failing.

What Running Man games do you want to play?

@ygvip21 did you read my mind. I was thinking the same thing.
name tag elimination
any game that partners me with haha
name tag elimination(I'd be like Kwangsoo and betray;)
btw....i love how you keep tagging me :') it's the only social media site I'm active in since I'm studying/working the rest of my time! TY! ♡
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