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so i know that this really late *person in the back* A DAY LATE! im sorry but i went to my grandmas house again and yeah plus my phone is now disconnected so yeah oh and my internet started sucking and ughhhhh so many ughhh i hate it
so anyways back to the game *flash back* Scenario: you thanked him and gave him a big hug/kiss and you guys began to enjoy your date. (you)"ummm....babe why are we the only ones here? i remembered this place would always be packed....we eventually found a quiet spot but still its weird right?" (BTS Member) "ummm about that i rented the whole place for us" (you) " that's a lot of money why would you do that you know im okay if its packed right." (BTS Member)" ummmmmm its cause i have something to tell you" (haha sorry love this gif fits so perfect)
here are the results......
scenerio 1 = Airplane (which mean he is going on tour and wants you to come with)
scenerio 2 = marriage (yeah a lot of you guessed it)
so this the end of the game :( i had so much fun making it and im glad you enjoyed..............just kidding this not the end there would be part 7 and 8 (don't know if they will come out together....this gonna be the date like how it happen the actually story (since scenario 2 got more votes part 7 will be all about it and part 8 about scenario 1)
so yeah this really kinda the end so no more suprise pick :( im sorry guys anyways thanks for your apprectation and support
if you have request to do this same game but with different scenario (with another band) don't be afraid to ask (already work on/thinking of a big bang one)
anyways again thank you so much hope you enjoyed playing (dont forget to comment what you got) and see you in the next card bye bye love you
Part 7:
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Man the tour sounds fun but I got marriage
exo one plz!!!
YESSSSS IM GOING ON TOUR!! I wish you guys could've seen my face when I found out lol I probably looked like one of the many faces V does
ahhh I'm getting married to V lmho
Jimin and I are getting married....HELL YEA! lol