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Kamisama Hajimemashita! This anime is so cute and I love anime boys with white, gray or silver hair. For example Inuyasha (one of my first animes that got me hooked and my favorite anime), Zero Kiryu (Vampire Knight), Miketsukami (Inu X Boku SS), Sasame (Pretear), Kakashi (Naruto) and Tomoe!
1. Inuyasha - he will always be my #1 anime guy and anime character! I loved that he has dog ears, long silver hair, and he's so cute!!!
2. Tomoe - Kamisama Hajimemashita! You know what's better than Tomoe with gray hair, Tomoe with long gray hair!!!
3. Zero Kiryu - Vampire Knight! All I can say is I liked him ever since the first episode and I know some people like Kaname more but if you have read the manga you might not and I'm one of the people that don't really like him. Plus Zero is a hot gray haired vampire who hunts Vampire's. What's not to like?
4. Kakashi - Naruto! I'm pretty sure everyone who has watched Naruto likes Kakashi because he's funny but once he pulls that sharigan out of his it's no time for games and he's hot even though his face is hidden behind a mask. It's not like his face is ugly which is why it's covered, let's be real right now there aren't that many ugly anime characters and I'm sure he isn't either.
5. Sasame - Pretear! Alright so when I started this show and saw him for the first time I was like he's perfection, where's my Sasame?! Haha because he is so sweet, smart and caring but turns on you. I'm not gonna spoil it for anyone who wants to watch this but I still like him.
6. Miketsukami - Inu X Boku SS! The reason he's in last is because his character is kind of annoying because he acts all helpless and like a children. He also always says "I don't deserve anything". But I love his different colored eyes and the fact that he's a tailed fox. As you can see I like guys who have ears or tails lol. I recommend any of these animes if you haven't watched them yet!
But what about Sesshomaru, Yoko Kurama from Yuyu Hakushi, Kokkuri-san, and a whole lotta other awesome badassery anime men? lol
Me too, @BPF1916 <3 @poojas ZERO!!!! Yes, my friend! You're the best. I love that boy. I never got why everyone loved Kaname more. :( Zero was IT for me. I haven't seen the anime with Tomoe. Worth my time, ladies?
@poojas I love it! even in real life! I love guys with silver hair! mostly Korean lol
@MinionPeach17 That would be awesome
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