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To all of my Vingletts and VingleBelles (Made these names up just now Lol) I just want to thank you all for believing in my weirdness and embracing your own. As Otakus, Weeaboos, Koreaboos, Kpoppers, Potterheads, and die hard Twitards we are often judged and thought harshly of in "normal society" however, we have proven time and time again that we don't give two freaks what people think! Keep being you and keep loving what you love!! Love all of you awesome nerds!!!
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Lol VB's??? Awesome let's make it a thing also *hugs*
*GROUP HUG* Fans get each other. And glad to have met you here @EllieDean :D
I'm glad to have met you guys too! :3
EllieDean thank you for posting
Love you all too!!!