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Every time I am out shopping or running errands, I always seem to land in the fragrant soap and apothecary section of stores (if they have one). There's just something about the sweet and salty fragrances that catch my attention. I also love the different gritty and smooth textures, the delicate and beautiful paper wrapping and all that girly stuff. My mom just rolls her eyes (with love!). My fiance just hates it when I drag him to places like that!
For this DIY, you won't really need much as it's pretty simple to do with a few things.


white melt-and-pour soap
microwave safe container
body-safe soap fragrance oil (of your choice)
soap dye
soap thermometer
plastic soap mould
popsicle sticks for stirring
spray bottle with rubbing alcohol

Get started:

Cut your melt-and-pour soap with a sharp knife into 1/2" cubes and place 2 cups of soap in a pourable microwave safe container. Heat for 30 seconds at a time, stirring at the end of each interval. Once the soap is completely smooth and melted, allow the soap to cool a bit until it reaches 145° (use the soap thermometer to track the temperature). Once the soap has cooled, add the desired amount of fragrance and stir until combined.
Use the dye droppers to drop dots of dye onto your empty soap moulds, spreading out the colors if using more than one.
Use the dye droppers to drop dots of dye onto your empty soap moulds, spreading out the colors if using more than one.
Pour the soap into the moulds. Stop pouring when the mold is halfway full and spray some alcohol on the soap to spread the color. Repeat with another spray of alcohol once the mould is full and use your popsicle stick to move the color around the mould.
Keep swirling until you like the pattern you have, and then let your soap harden. Once it's set, pop the soap out of the mold, and you're done!
Once these are set, pop out of the moulds and trim the edges with a sharp knife. Wrapping the soap with parchment paper and tying with a cute bow can dress it up as a perfect gift to a friend.
Thanks! My fiance wants me to do more cards on camping and survival. That's his thing. Maybe I will
Now you're talking! @buddyesd!
@DaniaChicago you know that's a good point. she loves craft stuff. she's coming back from vacation soon maybe I could surprise with a kit :)
That would be really sweet. If it was me, I would prefer to get the kit and supplies as a gift from my fiance so that I could do it, rather than him having all the fun in making it for me. But that's just me. lol
wow, I gotta try this one my wife would probably love it as a gift :):):)
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