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DIY Handmade Stamps

For about five minutes I got involved with Stamp It Up. Have you ever heard of them? It's like Mary Kay or Tupperware, but for stamps. After I joined, I quickly realized that I didn't have time to be crafty or creative; I was too stressed out and busy trying to throw parties and invite my girlfriends over to buy into it.
You can see why I wasn't into it for very long. Here's the thing, however, I never lost my creative spirit for stamping, but who wants to spend money on $30 stamps when you can make it yourself a lot cheaper and something that is 100% completely unique.

For this project you will need:

stamp carving kit
static cling foam mounting sheet
acrylic stamping blocks
wax paper
pens (a variety of thick and thin is nice)
white paper (scrap pieces are fine)
X-Acto blade
scissors (scissors are optional with the use of a blade)
cutting mat
ink jet printer with copying capabilities
clear tape (optional)

Step One:

Create designs, phrases, flowers, whatever you like on paper using pens. Thick works best.

Step Two:

Cut out your designs and arrange them to fit on your piece of rubber. Tape them together so they'll stay in this arrangement when you copy them later.

Step Three:

Cut out a piece of static cling mounting foam to fit to your piece of rubber. Then peel off the sticky side and attach it to the rubber. The other static cling side, when peeled off, will temporarily mount to acrylic blocks for stamping use, but when unmounted they'll lay flat for easy storage too!

Step Four:

Cut your wax paper to the size of a sheet of paper 8.5 x 11 and place it in the printer. Copy your designs so it prints onto the wax paper. Since the ink won't absorb into it, you need to be careful not to touch it or ruin it--it's going to be damp, which is what you need to transfer the image to the rubber. Transfer the image from the wax paper to the rubber using a sturdy flat edge.

Step Five:

Cut out the pieces of rubber and carve away the negative space from each design. Use your X-Acto knife VERY CAREFULLY when cutting into the rubber. This can be used to get hard to carve areas with your carving tool set.
Once your cute stamps are carved and ready to go, simply adhere them to the acrylic blocks. This way they are stable and you can see the design through the clear acrylic. No more wondering if the stamp is lined up!
I hope you really liked this cute diy project for creating your own stamps. Click here for more crafty nifty projects that I have.
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