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So I'm new to bts. I began to take notice to them after I saw them in Mcountdown with their performance Dope. I don't consider my self an army member.
jimin seems to be almost everyones bias. He's originally what attracted me to bts. Let's face it, he's hilarious. he's the best dancer. (and lets not forget how he's allergic to wearing shirts on stage)
suga! (my bias so far) He's the is the rudest and cutest a-hole ever. He's a tough love kinda dude. if he's not bullying you then he doesn't care about you. he teases the other members a lot but they know it's all for love
Rap Monster, the leader right? the man is inspirational. He taught himself English. That takes a lot of hard work and dedication. Now if only he would teach Jimin the right words. And plus, you could swim in thoes dimples.
Lastly kookie, the maknae. He's the boyfriend everyone dreams about. He sweet, kind, cute, caring, and he shares food! I ship him with jimin. (I ship everyone with Jimin) but hopefully he doesn't get too influenced.
well that's all I know for now. I know I still have to know V, J-hope, and..... I don't know his name...(@VixinViVi just informed me: Jin) Like I said I'm not a real army member so no hate please. if you have any info just put it below. tell me your bias and why.
Most accurate way to describe bts in my eyes, "when your squad is so cool you can't pick a bff" my bias is constantly changing with them. Their my bias ruiner. They ruin the whole list with a smile I swear lol
YUP Jungkook, Jimin, V, and Suga are my FAV...I want to be J Hope's BFF hahah
@LaurenStrayhorn that moment when you actually don't want to imagine you want to find out and know 😂
@saphirepanda and he's a handy man. imagine how Good his hands are (~_^)
@saphirepanda yesh. he captured my heart as well. with his sarcasm and his pro NBA athlete skills.
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