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When the first drop of rain pours on earth and that smell of soil we feel.
When we help the needed person and he/she says thanks.
When a small little kid hold our hand and smiles.
When we see our crush anywhere and feel the heart beat.
When suddenly an old friend makes a call to us and we chit chat for hours. .
When we go to visit our childhood places , school or friends and suddenly the whole past memories flash back.
How cool these feelings no?
As someone who has never necessarily decided if I want to have kids or not, I have to say that when a baby grabs onto my hand and smiles I'm totally convinced that I do for a moment!!
@dalo2ty i can understand :) even when i was writing this i felt the same :)
my tears&smile already there..that's really can't explain it
Cute :)
@onesmile thank you :D