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So much for getting a choice! An East Texas man has been given quite the ultimatum - marry his girlfriend within 30 days or spend two weeks behind bars.
20-year-old Josten Bundy was being tried for a misdemeanor assault charge after getting into a fistfight with his girlfriend, Elizabeth's ex-boyfriend last February.
When the judge asked "Is she worth it?", Josten firmly agreed, saying that he has four sisters and if any man talked to any of the women in his wife the way her ex had, he would've done the same exact thing.
Afraid of Josten losing his job if he spent two weeks behind bars, the couple applied for their marriage license and got married in the courthouse. With only a few days to prepare, none of their family was able to attend.

"My father didn't get to go, and that really bothers me, I know he would have liked to be there. None of my sisters got to show up, it was such short notice, I couldn't get it together."

Also, turns out, an order to marry is kind of illegal.
According to attorney Blake Bailey, who practices constitutional law in the same county:

"To say you're not going to be criminally punished if you get married is way out of left field. It sounds like the old days of shotgun weddings, but not even the judge is capable of enforcing what he thinks is best for some people in his court."

What do you guys think? Do you think it's unfair that the judge forced them to get married? Or do you think it's a pretty good compromise compared to time behind bars?
@ChristinaBryce me too! I think they have the intention of having another (better!) ceremony later on.
I don't think they should have been forced that's not a very good start to any marriage but I agree with @FabiolaGavina they should removed themselves from the situation. in my view there's too much your risking when you fight if you can leave instead. I'd only fight if there was a real threat to my wife or kids. it doesn't do any good to be a hot head
I wouldn't say "forced them to get married" they did options. 1. let the boyfriend go to jail. 2. make a petition against the verdict. Personally, I wouldn't have given the marriage card because that is a personal decision between the couple. The boyfriend was also in the wrong. If he cannot control his anger and beat the ex up, then he has issues. A reasonable person would have thought it through. "1. I want to protect my girlfriend. 2. This guy deserves to get beat up. 3. I might go to jail for this. 4. I cannot protect her if I go to jail. 5. I might lose my job. 6. I won't be able to provide for her. 7. Better remove my girlfriend and myself from the situation. 8. Get a restraining order against the ex." Obviously, both were immature and not ready for marriage.
@danidee I hope so, because that stinks :( I'd be really sad if my family couldn't come to my wedding... but why on EARTH does this judge think that getting married is going to somehow keep this man from fighting people?? It makes no sense to me.
Welp. Not saying that's how you should start a marriage, but I hope that they will be happy anyways
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