3 years ago1,000+ Views I have to go?
Ok why are you making me go to the beach. It looks like a desolate wasteland you'd see in Mad Max or something.
Honestly, I'm going to get sunburned if I don't have enough sunscreen...great you have some.
The beach is dirty. And I like places where it's not acceptable to throw things on the ground for birds to eat.
And those damn birds! Birds don't fly around inside.
Look at this one, his smug little face. Eew I hate it.
And there's way too many people. Eew people.
Plus I don't like taking my shoes off outside. Gross.
I mean I guess the water's nice, but I still hate the beach.
And you know, after you're out there for a while it's kind of nice. But I don't want to go again. Like, not at least for a while.
The beach is ok. But there's nothing like the indoors.
this speaks to me on a spiritual level
@TessStevens I'll go to the beach, take a one dip, then never go back in! I go for the fun of watching/observing other people enjoy themselves.(I'm scared of masses of water! ssssshhhhh)
hahaha I yes I hate the beach too :) if I can't see my feet I won't go in it lol
the beach is awesome in Santa and that's my happy place
@TessStevens - 馃槏馃挏 Another winner it to him...which is even more hilarious because he says that clearly, I am most attratcted to all things/people my exact opposite 馃槉 *winks*
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